A. Hiring a professional face painter for kids' parties ensures safety and hygiene, as they use non-toxic, skin-friendly paints. Additionally, it adds a fun and memorable element to the event, making it a unique experience for children.

A. The time it takes to paint a child's face at a party can vary depending on the design complexity. On average, it usually takes about 3-10 minutes per child. Intricate designs may take longer, so it's essential to discuss your needs with us n advance. Often people think the smaller the design, the faster it is. That is not always true.For instance, a tiny, detailed helicopter takes longer than a big simple full faced tiger done quickly with few strokes.

A. Yes, professional face painters typically use water-based, FDA-approved paints that are easy to remove with mild soap and water. They are designed to be gentle on a child's skin and come off without much effort.

A. Face painting is generally safe for children aged 3 and older. Younger children may not have the patience to sit still during the process, so it's essential to consider their comfort and willingness to participate.

A. If you have specific ideas or a theme, please discuss your ideas and preferences with us in advance to ensure a customized experience. Otherwise we bring our standard designs which are sure crowd pleasers, based on our many years of experience.

A. Face painting is versatile and can enhance various types of parties, including birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, and fundraisers. It's an excellent addition to any event where entertainment and creativity are valued.

A. Professional face painters typically bring their own supplies, including paints, brushes, and sanitization tools.

A. Please provide a table & two chairs for the face painter. If it's a dimly lit area, the face painter may need more light in order to see well. We do not provide lights. We ask that you please do not put artists at picnic tables, near trash cans, or in direct harsh sun.

A. Please provide a table & two chairs for the face painter. If it's a dimly lit area, the face painter may need more light in order to see well. We do not provide lights. We ask that you please do not put artists at picnic tables, near trash cans, or in direct harsh sun.

A. It's advisable to book a face painter at least a few weeks in advance to ensure their availability, especially during peak party seasons. This allows time for discussing design ideas and other details. We do not book events with less than 7 days' notice.

A. Yes, professional face painters prioritize safety and hygiene. They use clean brushes and sanitized equipment, adhere to strict hygiene standards to prevent any skin issues or allergies.

A. We charge a flat hourly rate for face painting. If you need more time at the end of your party, it's possible to have the painter stay longer.See contract for details.

A. The cost of hiring one single face painter for a children's party can range from $75 to $200 per hour, on average in our market.

A. We may charge extra for travel expenses, custom designs, special requests or parking fees. It's essential to discuss all potential fees and details upfront to avoid any surprises. Your contract will show all fees that we are charging.

A. Yes, please with details about your event, such as the date, location, and the number of guests, to receive a personalized quote by email.

A. In some instances we can offer a percentage discount for multiple bookings on the same contract. Please ask in advance if you are curious about possible discounts.

A. When hiring a face painter for your party, look for professionalism, experience, a diverse portfolio of designs, and positive reviews from previous clients. Painters who allow you to book them through their website without speaking to you first may not be reliable. An experienced painter wants to at least message back and forth with a client prior to booking in order to offer them the best experience. Beward paying money up front without a good contract in front of you. At Circus Kaput, we always provide a contract prior to asking for any fees or deposits.

A. Tipping is not expected but is appreciated if you are pleased with the face painter's services.

A. Before hiring a face painter, ask about their availability, pricing, experience, and whether they have insurance. Also, take a look at their website and social media to try and discover if they are successfully serving clients. If the person is a hobbyist or "weekend warrior" you may not get the service you are expecting.

A. Popular face painting art designs for children include butterflies, superheroes, animals, princesses, and cartoon characters. These designs are loved by kids of all ages.

A. Face painters typically avoid designs that may be considered culturally insensitive or inappropriate for children. They prioritize designs that are fun, safe, and age-appropriate.

A. Yes, face painting art can be customized to match the theme or occasion of your event. Face painters often work with clients to create unique and personalized designs that suit the celebration's atmosphere. We are proud to have several design boards for seasons, including Spring, Fall and Winter Holiday Designs.

A. There are numerous online resources with classes. Silly Farm has good paid tutorials on a platform called FABA TV. If you want to learn in person, there are a lot of conventions you can attend with face painting classes and workshops.

A. At Circus Kaput, we have a team of Company Members who work together and grow together. As a team, we make decisions, create designs, practice skills and support one another. If you're interested in becoming part of our team please email us. We typically do not hire face painters who book themselves directly. Circus Kaput face painters are represented by Circus Kaput.

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